So about an hour after watching the new episode of Teen Titans Go!, I found out the CW was going to be replaying the ENTIRE first season of the former CBS series Supergirl every Monday night (two episodes every Monday) up until the second season premieres on CW on October 10th! I luckily found out just in time to turn it on the CW and catch it from the beginning. When the series first premiered on CBS, I caught the first couple episodes then stopped watching. Not because I didn’t like the show but I guess every day life made me forget that it was on so what better way to get ready for Season 2 than watching Season 1 from the start?

So the pilot begins with an origin story, explaining that Kara Zor-El is the cousin of a man named Kal-El. You may know him as Clark Kent or Superman! When Kara was 12 years old, her planet of Krypton was on the verge of exploding so her parents Zor-El and Alura sent her to Earth to protect her infant cousin. They told her that Kal and herself would have powers under Earth’s yellow sun.

While in route to planet Earth, Kara’s pod was hit by a shock wave from Krypton’s explosion and she was sent to the Phantom Zone where she remained for 24 long years. While there, time itself stopped so when her pod finally got out of the Phantom Zone and made it to Earth, she remained 12 years old. Once on Earth, she was removed from her pod by the now “Man of Steel” Superman (straight out of the pages of Action Comics #252) who then took her to her adoptive parents Mr. and Mrs. Danvers.

This is where the easter eggs begin because Mr. Jeremiah Danvers is played by Dean Cain who was once Superman in the ABC series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and Mrs. Eliza Danvers is played by Helen Slater who was once Supergirl in the 1984 film Supergirl and also played Lara-El in the WB series Smallville.

All grown up, Kara lives in National City and works at Catco Worldwide Media as Cat Grant’s assistant. She does everything Cat asks of her but speaks up, or attempts to, when Cat says she wants to downsize the Daily Planet, yes the same one where he cousin works as a reporter. She doesn’t get far and goes to meet Catco’s newest employee Jimmy (or James as he likes to be called) Olsen.

Kara sees a photograph James took of her cousin (actually it’s the teaser poster for Superman: The Movie) and he insists it’s a print and tells her to take it with her. We then meet her sister Alex Danvers who helps Kara pick out an outfit for a blind date before Alex boards a plane to Geneva. Alex tells her to pick the blue outfit because blue is her color. Hmm, I wonder what she means by that?

With an outfit picked out, Kara goes on her blind date. One that is cut short when she sees on the TV that a plane headed to Geneva is suffering from what I’m assuming is engine failure. Kara bolts from her date and begins to run down an alley, similar to Superman II, and attempts to take off in flight. She struggles at first, having not flown in years, but finally gets up in the air and begins to head straight for the failing plane.

She grabs the plane, like her cousin grabbed the blimp in the old Adventures of Superman TV series, like her cousin grabbed the helicopter in Superman: The Movie, and like her cousin grabbed the space shuttle in the previously mentioned Lois & Clark TV series, and began to bring it down. She flies it over a bridge, that after I researched, is named the Otto Binder Bridge, who is the c0-creator of Supergirl, before landing it in the water safely. She climbs out of the water, onto one of the wings as passengers begin snapping photos of her before she flys away.

During the first commercial break, we get a look at the upcoming film Suicide Squad (ever heard of it?) in theaters this Friday!

Kara sits on her couch geeking out over all of TV coverage she’s getting by saving the plane. Alex walks in and tries to tell that by going this public, the whole entire world is going to know who she is. That doesn’t bother Kara at all until she goes to work the next day and hears all of the negative responses towards her heroic act. Cat asks James if there is any sort of connection between his friend Superman and this brand new girl and tells them she wants any sort of photos of her.

Kara, obviously frustrated by all of the responses, asks her friend and co-worker Winn to meet her on the roof where she reveals to him her true identity. While this is going on, we meet an alien named Vartox who, while posing as a truck driver, reveals he was supposed to blow Alex’s plane up but failed when Supergirl saved the plane. His “boss” tells him that “the general is coming” and Vartox promises to pretty much end Supergirl.

Kara, with help from Winn, begins to try on different suits, searching for “the one.” After a few, she finds it minus the “S” on her chest. Winn finds her a car chase and she goes after it, only to crash into a mound of dirt. She puts the family-crested “S” on the suit and stops a bank robbery before Winn informs her of a building on fire.

While in flight, she is shot with a dart and crashes to ground. When she wakes up she’s tied down at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations or DEO for short by Hank Henshaw and Agent Alex Danvers. WHAT?!! They inform her that they have her ship from when she crashed and that when she left Krypton, she also brought a ship containing alien criminals with her and they are all on the loose.

During the next commercial break, we see a trailer for all of CW’s DC shows including Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Kara is in Cat’s office and is mad that everyone has given her the Supergirl name. Cat is on the verge of firing her when James comes in, and saves Kara’s job by lying and saying Kara got a clear shot of Supergirl from the bank robbery for her. Kara’s job is saved and as she begins to thank James, Vartox begins talking to her inside her heading, telling him to meet him somewhere.

When they do meet, a fight breaks out with Vartox getting the better of her. He uses some sort of an axe and cuts her, ready to finish the job before the DEO begin to shoot at him, chasing him off, so they can save Kara. Back at the DEO, tasting her first defeat, Kara tells Alex the world doesn’t need her.

During the commerical break, we get a trailer for Supergirl: The Complete First Season coming to Digital HD, Blu-Ray and DVD on August 9th! Pick up your copy of this amazing show!

Alex goes to Kara’s place to cheer her up and get her back on her feet. She gets the job done as Kara suits up and joins her at the DEO, promising to help them catch Vartox. She takes flight, finding him driving a semi, thus crashing it and begins another battle with him. This time she struggles to use her eye lasers on his axe but after some words of encouragement from Alex, concentrates more and destroys Vartox’s axe. He then warns her that she has no idea what is coming and takes a sharp object and stabs it into his chest, taking his own life.

Kara then talks to James and finds out from him that Kal wanted her to become Supergirl. James then says that Kal gave him something to give her. She opens the present and finds the blanket that Kal was wrapped in as a baby. We then find a man talking to the General who we can confirm is a woman. She also refers to Kara as her neice. What? This is the first time we meet Kara’s aunt, General Astra, who is Kara’s mother Alura’s twin.

What a pilot episode! To me, I see so many references to the Christopher Reeves Superman films that it seems like this series is set in that universe. Even the end credits music seems like it came out of one of the films. Speaking of credits, during the credits we see that the Warner Brothers series Frequency premieres on the CW on October 5th!

Stay tuned for the review of episode 2 of Supergirl!