We’re still on the CW! Time to review the second episode entitled “Stronger Together”

The show opens one week after Kara becomes Supergirl. She is running tests out in a desert that reminded me of one of the early episodes of fellow CW series The Flash (not the same one in the upcoming Justice League film). While running tests, Winn informs Kara of a huge fire. Alex tries to tell her to slow it down and to know her limits but come on, she’s the cousin of Superman, she isn’t going to slow down!

Once at the sight of the fire, the firefighters point out a ship that if the fire gets to close to, will explode. Kara flies atop the ship and proceeds to dig her hands in, and pull away from the flames. Seems like she saved the day right? We probably should mention the oil spill she caused by moving the ship. Yep, a bunch of oil is now in the once clean water. Oops!

We get a look on the TV of a Maxwell Lord, who I have a feeling will play a bigger part. He looks like the kind of a guy that would father a vampire (I’ll see if anyone out there can catch that joke) and we then find out that Cat wants an interview with Supergirl before anyone else. She mentions Lois Lane and Clark Kent attempting to get the interview and tells the staff that they have until the end of the week to get her the interview.

At Plastino Chemicals, we find one of the escaped aliens who proceeds to murder one of the workers. By the time the DEO get there to investigate, the alien is long gone. When the DEO tell Kara about this alien, she has a flashback to when she was a little girl and her mother was telling her about something called a Hellgrammite, a large insect that can take the shape of whatever it wants. So this alien must be a Hellgrammite.

Alex proceeds to take Kara into a room that has some Kryptonite in the walls and begins to fight her as a test so she is prepared for anything. Kara loses, gets up and leaves, visibly upset. While back at work, she sees that Cat has written a one sided article on Supergirl and voices her opinion, only to be ignored. She then enlists James and Winn to help her with some unnamed project

During the commerical, we see a trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

General Astra confronts the Hellgrammite and wants him to kill her niece. Man, this woman is heartless! While this is going on, we see that James and Winn are helping Kara do some good deeds so Cat doesn’t have any reason to write negative reports on Supergirl. It pays off because all over the TV are positive reports about Supergirl.

Alex goes over to Kara’s place to apologize about the fight and explains her reasoning, that a lot of these escaped aliens could be dangerous and Kara needs to be ready for anything. Back at the DEO, Hank tells Alex that the Hellgrammite has been eating DDT as a source of food. Cat gives James an ultimatum that if he can’t get her the interview with Supergirl, he’s going back to work at the Daily Planet. We then see the Hellgrammite attack a DEO van and take Alex hostage.

During the commerical, we see another trailer for the Suicide Squad and the CW All-Super trailer again.

The Hellgrammite brings Alex to General Astra as a trick to get Kara to show up. The trick works as after Hank informs Kara of Alex’s kidnapping, Kara goes straight to their location. Kara is shocked when she finds out that her own aunt is the General that has been causing all of this. Kara believed Astra was killed when Krypton exploded but Astra tells Kara that her mother Alura got Astra sent to Fort Roxx with the other aliens when Krypton exploded.

A fight breaks out between Kara and Astra and eventually Alex gets into a battle of her own with the Hellgrammite. Alex must have defeated him as she came to Kara’s aid when Hank stabbed Astra with a knife that I’m guessing had Kryptonite in it. Astra flies away as Kara tells Alex she wants to learn how to fight.

Back at the DEO, Alex tells Kara about Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and how he can communicate with his ancestors and takes her to a room that can only be opened by Kara’s handprint. Inside, Kara sees a hologram of her mother. Alex explains that it is an Kryptonian AI which pretty much means Kara has a virtual mother now. After leaving Kara, Alex has a few words with Hank. As Hank turns the corner, we see his eyes glow red. Uh-oh!

We then see Astra and the unidentified man she’s been with. He removes the knife from her and begins to analyze it. He says it’s made of something that wasn’t created on their planet and before he can do anymore analysis on it, she forces him to get rid of it because even being far away from it, it’s making her sick.

Cat is getting in her car and calls James to tell him his time is up. She feels her car jerk and tells the driver to watch it. James tells her that her interview has begun and to look out the window. She looks out to see her car being carried in the air by Supergirl. Supergirl puts the car down in an area that overlooks National City. Cat got what she wants.

Man, episode 2 really got things going for this series. It really makes you want to tune in to see what happens with this Hank character. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Since when do good guys have glowing red eyes? I guess we’ll have to wait until next monday night to find out!