Hello all! And welcome to the very first review on this soon to be EPIC page! So I sat down last night and caught the newest episode of Teen Titans Go! This week is a special Island Adventure week where there will be new episodes Monday-Friday. The episode is part 1 of the Island Adventures entitled Coconut Cream Pie.

I’ll be honest I haven’t seen every single episode of the show, but after seeing this episode, it makes me want to. Right from the start, I noticed a different opening. It wasn’t the usual theme song. It was a song about an Island Adventure. So I thought it was pretty cool to do a special theme song for this special event.

What the episode was about was the Titans get shipwrecked on a…you guessed it…island. When they come off the ship, I immediately laughed at a Titanic joke in which Beast Boy lifts Cyborg off his feet and says something to the lines of “Don’t die on me!” Once they are on the ground, the Titans realize for some strange reason, none of their powers work. So they are in some legit trouble.

Robin, being the leader, immediately puts them to work, doing some odd jobs, not knowing he’s actually creating a new Gilligan’s Island. Cyborg dons the Skipper’s hat, Beast Boy dons Gilligan’s hat, and Star becomes a Movie Star! Sound familiar? I really laughed at that part as well.

Beast Boy wanders around and stumbles upon a, so I thought, misplaced keg of Rocket Fuel. After he drags it back to Robin, he doesn’t see the sign that reads “Unstable Fuel Dump.” While Robin is deciding to build a rocket to get the Titans off the island, Raven is doing what Robin asked and is making coconut cream pies that, for the duration of the episode, nobody will eat.

Once the rocket is all finished, Cyborg tells Beast Boy to get them some lunch, so as Robin and the gang gather the rest of their stuff, Beast Boy boards the rocket to look for lunch. He discovers a button that he thought said “Lunch” but actually said “Launch.” He presses it, goes back to the Titans and tells them that lunch will be ready in 10-9-8, etc. Robin freaks as the rocket, and their way home, takes off without them, only to explode into a million pieces a few seconds later.

Realizing the rocket fuel they used for the rocket was unstable, the Titans are thankful to be alive and finally get their lunch….Raven’s coconut cream pie. And that, my friends, is the end of this 5 part journey. I really thought this episode was funny and am anticipating what will happen during part 2. I’ll see you then!