Day 2 of the Teen Titans Go! Island Adventures is here! Part 2 was called Pure Protein. The episode begins and we see that Beast Boy and Cyborg are playing a game of volleyball, Raven is building some pretty sweet sandcastles, Star is laying out presumably getting a tan and Robin is — where is Robin? He arrives and voices his dislike in the Titans taking it easy. He went as far as kicking Beast Boy’s volleyball out into the water, putting a sad face on it as it drifted away.

Robin’s solution for “fun” is for them to compete in some challenges. The Titans don’t like but they go along with their leader. Team 1 consists of Star and Cyborg and Team 2 consists of Beast Boy and Raven. Robin is the host of what he’s calling “Island Survival.”

The first challenge is finding food. Team 1 almost won as Beast Boy somehow called a pizza guy to deliver pizza but just like Beast Boy’s volleyball, Robin sent it upstream. Robin wants them to eat various bugs and insects but the Titans shoot down the idea in a matter of seconds. Beast Boy whips up some Coconut Curry which does sound better than eating bugs but just like the volleyball and pizza, it finds itself swimming with the fishes. Robin grabs a handful of bugs and begins to devour them in an attempt to psyche up the Titans but they still were having none of it.

The second challenge is going out and creating some clothing by objects found on the island. Why would they need clothing when they have their suits you ask? Because Robin torches their suits, that’s why. Cyborg creates an Island Fashion Show to show Robin some of the awesome stuff they have come up with but Robin doesn’t think they’re trying hard enough and strips himself naked, covers himself in mud and tells them about being in the wild.

The third challenge is voting someone off the island. I think I know who I’d vote off if I was on the island with them. The vote is unanimous as the Titans all vote Robin off the island. Before anyone can say their answers out loud, Robin quickly tries to move to the next challenge but the Titans stop him, refusing anymore challenges as they are surviving just fine without having to compete in challenges.

Robin has one more for them as an Alien Big Game Hunter is on the island, looking for its prey and when it finds it, it will collect its skull. Last episode the spoof was Gilligan’s Island. This episode the spoof is Predator as it arrives on the island with a familiar clicking sound. It means business as it immediately uses its laser gun to remove one of Cyborg’s arms. The Titans run while they still can. A short while later, Raven offers it some of Beast Boy’s Coconut Curry. The alien removes its helmet and drinks the Curry. He’s not hungry anymore! He apparently becomes BFFs with the Titans as he plays a game of volleyball with Beast Boy and Cyborg, builds more sweet sandcastles with Raven and lays out with Star.

It’s time we say farewell to the alien as he begins to board his ship. Before he can climb aboard, Beast Boy gives him some of that tasty Coconut Curry for the road. The alien sheds a tear as he says goodbye to his new friends. The ship takes off and we are missing a Titan. Cyborg asks the rest of Titans if anyone has seen Robin. We then see the alien tossing a familiar looking skull into his collection.

Wow what an episode! Are we sure this episode wasn’t called Predator Meets A Death In The Family? I really enjoyed this episode and liked the spoof of Predator. I’d highly recommend checking it out whenever it’s replayed on Cartoon Network. I’m not sure if it’s available on Hulu but couldn’t hurt to check it out. On to part 3!