We are half way through the 5-part Island Adventures! Today we find out how the Titans are doing and if Robin is alive! In a little unknown fact, this episode was screened for a small audience at the Teen Titans Go! Video Presentation and Q&A at the San Diego Comic-Con last week.

So onto the episode, we open up and see the ENTIRE group sitting down eating coconuts. Robin must have had a replica of his skull and gave it to the Alien Big Game Hunter in the last episode. We find out that all that the Titans have been eating since arriving on the island is coconuts and they have grown tired of them. Who can blame them? I don’t even like coconuts. Robin mentions how they have only explored one side of the island and the group decides to explore the OTHER side.

When they get there, they find MORE coconuts, some dinosaurs and some potatoes. Yes! They found some new food to eat! No more coconut eating! Wait, what?! There are dinosaurs on this side of island?! I thought they were extinct? After realizing they are not alone on the island, Robin debates if they should open an amusement park (hmm, sound like Jurassic Park?) or make some new friends. Raven says opening a park sounds like too much work so they decide to have some new pets.

Cyborg takes the Brontosaurus, Raven takes the Triceratops, Beast Boy takes the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Robin takes the Raptor. In another Easter egg, Robin mentions how the raptor can open doors (pretty sure it is proven in Jurassic Park). Everyone argues over who’s dinosaur is the best so they suggest they fight. Raven objects….not until they’re trained at least. So the dinosaurs go through all sorts of training and test, preparing for war! Some run. Some fly. One even opens a door….or tries to (Sorry, Robin).

Before they can fight, the Titans feel they are missing something. Battle armor! Of course! Even I didn’t think of that! The dinosaurs suit up and begin the battle. At some point during the battle, the dinosaurs decide they don’t like being pets and wearing armor and eject their owners from their seats. The Titans pick themselves up off the ground, realize they’ve been betrayed and run for their lives. They find a hut and run inside for safety. Just when they think they’re safe, the Raptor opens the door and roars. Hey Robin, you were right! Raptors can open doors! The episode ends before find out if the Titans survive or not.

This episode was really funny. My almost 2-year-old son is a big dinosaur fan and a big Teen Titans Go! fan and watched contently for 19 minute duration. He’s used to watching The Good Dinosaur but gladly watched his favorite team take on dinosaurs! As for what happened to the Titans, I guess they’re taking a page out of Batman ’66 only this time it’s “same Titan time! Same Titan channel!”