So after being available on Digital HD for a week, the newest DC Original Animated Movie, the controversial and long awaited Batman: The Killing Joke arrived on Blu-Ray and DVD earlier today! Besides being released on those two formats, a special “Deluxe Edition” was released featuring a Joker figurine, similar to past releases and that’s what this post is about.

I already purchased the film on Vudu last week (my review will come this weekend) so I didn’t rush out to purchase the Blu-Ray and planned on waiting a bit. I’m kicking myself now because apparently the Deluxe Edition is becoming rare and is sold out in lots of places and the price for it is increasing on eBay.

When I was at the Walmart in Muscatine today, my wife pointed the film out to me and I noticed they only had the DVD in stock with the place for the Blu-Ray being empty. I just figured they hadn’t gotten it in yet. A few hours later, I saw a Facebook post where some guy was explaining the popularity of the Deluxe Edition and was selling his for $80 compared to the $19.96 list price.

I got home and checked my Walmart app to see which store near me had it in stock. At the time, the Washington store had it so I debated on going to pick it up but figured I’d wait until tomorrow. Now, moments before typing this, EVERY store near me is sold out and the one place I see that has it in stock is Amazon. So if you are needing to pick this up, please do so now. I do not know why this Deluxe Edition is so popular. I know the story is legendary and have seen the film and heard all of the controversy. Maybe everyone wants the Joker figure. Who knows. All I do know is if you are wanting to get this, do so now! I’ll post another update if I find any more places with it in stock.