Just got back home moments ago from the world premiere screening of Suicide Squad. I will not spoil it for anyone. A few days ago, I read some preliminary reviews saying its a flop, it’s worse than Dawn of Justice, etc. I can happily report that the people that reported that must have been watching the wrong movie. I agree with Kevin Smith that this film does DC proud.

I got so excited to see the first ever live-action portrayal of my favorite, Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie owned this role and did a terrific job. She really knocked this out of the park. I’ve only seen her acting in a few films but she really impressed me. I would almost say I was more impressed with her than Jared Leto who I also impressed with. Those two roles really stood out for me. I enjoyed the other characters as well but those two were my favorite.

One of my favorite Easter eggs in the film, and I won’t spoil where it’s located or anything, is seeing Harley and Joker dressed up in certain attires made famous by Alex Ross and Paul Dini. I geeked out when I saw it. It was really cool seeing it portrayed on the big screen. It was really cool seeing Batman and a few other guys in the film too.

For the movie trailer buffs, the trailers that were shown were The Magnificant Seven, Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange (which I thought was weird to show during a DC movie) and Jack Reacher 2. Most of the people in my theater booed when they saw Tom Cruise so I’m guessing that film isn’t going to be a crowd favorite.

I’ll say this, if you’re a DC fan, go see this film. If you’re a fan of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, etc, go see this film. If you were a fan of Dawn of Justice, go see this film. If you’re one of the kinds of people that like to sit back and find something wrong with a movie, maybe save your money because this film doesn’t deserve that treatment. I won’t say this is the greatest movie of all time but in terms of setting up DC’s Cinematic Universe, it only gets bigger from here and Suicide Squad carries us to the next step.