After searching around my area, I finally found two of the most rarest releases around my town of Muscatine. The 4K Ultra HD release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Blu-Ray release of Batman: The Killing Joke. Here are my reviews on those.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

I don’t currently have a Ultra HD TV or player so you might ask why did I even buy that release when there are plenty of the regular Blu-Ray copies around. Here is my reason. Ever since the release of Deadpool, I made a decision to buy the Ultra HD release because of two reasons. The first, you get the regular Blu-Ray with it so I’m able to watch it and the second, why buy it on regular Blu-Ray now and then when I get a Ultra HD TV and player, have to turn around and buy it again? Makes much more sense to me to buy the Ultra HD release now rather than later.

So I had a tough time tracking down the release. As soon as the film was released on home media, my Wal-Mart immediately sold out of the 4K release. I waited, hoping they had more in back but nothing. So I figured I’d wait a few weeks. I went back on the day that The Killing Joke was releases and what do I see? 2 copies of the 4K release. Of course I didn’t have any money on me at the time so I go back a day later, hoping they still have them. I was lucky enough to grab the LAST copy! The slipcover was a little banged up but not bad.

I get home, ready to watch the Ultimate Edition and ran into a little problem. WARNING FOR EVERYONE WANTING TO BUY THIS RELEASE: I took a glance at the Blu-Ray/DVD pack while at Wal-Mart and on the packaging, it states the Ultimate Edition AND Theatrical Edition are on the Blu-Ray while the DVD ONLY contains the Theatrical Edition. So I get home, open my 4K release and read the slipcover. The 4K disc has the Ultimate Edition and the Theatrical Edition while the regular Blu-Ray only has the Theatrical Edition. THE REGULAR BLU-RAY DISC IN THIS RELEASE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE ULTIMATE EDITION. What appears to have happened is in this release, you get the regular Blu-Ray disc found at most Redbox kiosks and video stores aka “a rental copy”

After finding this out, I think I’m going to also buy the 3D release as it includes the 3D Blu-Ray as well as the regular Blu-Ray. So without further confusing everyone, here is a release breakdown so you know the correct version to buy:


4K Ultra HD Disc: Ultimate Edition

Regular Blu-Ray Disc: Theatrical Edition

3D Blu-Ray Disc: Theatrical Edition

Regular Blu-Ray Disc: Ultimate Editon and Theatrical Edition

Regular Blu-Ray Disc: Ultimate Edition and Theatrical Edition

DVD: Theatrical Edition
So if you have not purchased this amazing film yet, please be cautious at which release you buy. All of them also include Digital HD copies of both versions of the film (4K disc also includes a UHD digital copy)

I’m not going to review the film itself at this time as it has been out for a while. If you would like to hear my opinion on it, feel free to contact me. Who knows, maybe in the downtime where there isn’t much going on in DC, maybe I’ll review it.

And now onto my current favorite:


When I noticed the 2 copies of the 4K release of DOJ as mentioned above, I also noticed The Killing Joke Blu-Ray was sold out. In a further update to my post awhile back, Amazon is currently still the only place that is carrying “The Deluxe Edition” with the Joker figurine. So I left my Walmart that day without The Killing Joke. A day or so later, I checked the Walmart app and it said it was in stock at my Walmart. I figured the app was wrong as I was just at the store and it wasn’t even close to the day that my store gets shipments in. I gave the store a call and they said they had a couple in stock. I drive there and all the way back by the TV wall, they had a cardboard display for The Killing Joke. Tons of DVDs in stock but after I grabbed my Blu-Ray, only 2 copies left of it.

Now onto a review of the film. I love it. It is everything I hoped it would be. There’s lots of people around mad about the Batgirl stuff or mad that it’s not a panel by panel copy of the book. I wouldn’t want it to be. I like when a book is adapted into a movie and they add things or change things to separate the two. The Batgirl stuff isn’t controversial to me at all. In my opinion, I give the film a 8/10.

Sorry for being gone a day. Our last cat passed away so we took some time to mourn. I still plan on posting a review of the final two episodes of the Teen Titans Go! Island Adventures. The last episode might be on hold as my DVR decided not to record it and there are no current replays listed. Starting to think I should have watched it before heading out to the Suicide Squad premiere.

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