In stores all over the world today is DC and Warner Bros latest release Supergirl Season 1! Your options with this release is a 3-Disc Blu-Ray that comes with a Digital HD copy and a 5-disc DVD. I don’t believe the DVD comes with a Digital HD copy but don’t quote me on it.

As of the writing, the best place to buy it from is a tie between Amazon and Best Buy as both have the Blu-Ray set for $34.99. My local Walmart is only carrying the DVD and it’s selling there for $34.96 so the deal for the Blu-Ray is quite a deal.

The bonus features for this release are three featurettes “The Man From Mars,” “A World Left Behind: Krypton,” Supergirl: 2015 Comic-Con Panel” as well as unaired scenes and a gag reel. I’m a sucker for SDCC stuff so the inclusion of last year’s panel is worth the cost of this release alone for me.

I myself have not had a chance to buy this yet but will be doing so this weekend. If you’d rather wait for a cheaper price but want to get caught up in time for the Season 2 premiere on October 10th, you have two options. Season 1 has been re-airing every Monday night with two episodes back to back on the CW network. Episode 3 and 4 just aired last night so you’re not too far behind. You can also binge watch the entire Season 1 by downloading the CW app.

So go out and buy this awesome release and see Kara’s journey from 12 year-old girl to the woman known as Supergirl as she saves National City in preparation for Season 2 where she will be reunited with her famous cousin!