Hello and welcome to the Channel 52 News Report (see what I did there? Lol). This is the place where you will find the latest DC news that might not warrant its own post. So let’s get straight to the news!

  • Fresh off the success of the Suicide Squad film, it was announced today that Harley Quinn and Killer Croc are being considered to appear in the upcoming third season of Gotham. 
  • Any Mad Hatter fans in here? A photo was released online earlier today of Benedict Samuel in full costume ahead of his character’s debut in the upcoming third season of Gotham. 
  • A photo was also released of Maisie Richardson-Seller promoting her Vixen’s live action debut in the upcoming second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. 
  • Adapted from Grant Morrison’s story in the Multiversity comic event, “Freedom Fighter: The Ray” will be debuting as an animated series, headed to CW Seed sometime next year. The series’ main character, The Ray is an openly gay super-hero. The current plan is for The Ray to follow in Vixen’s footsteps and go from an animated series before making a live-action debut on one of DC’s live-action shows. 
  • Later this spring, Supergirl and The Flash will be doing a two-episode musical crossover. No date has been set but it is rumored to take place during the back half of the upcoming season. 
  • Sharon Leal has been cast as Miss Martian and Chris Wood has been cast as Mon-El in Season 2 of Supergirl. 
  • In more casting news, Dolph Lundgren has been cast as “Kovar” in Season 5 of Arrow. I can only hope they mean Kovar as in Leonid Kovar who becomes Red Star in the comics. 
  • Savitar, yes the villian speedster, will be making his live action debut in Season 3 of The Flash. 
  • One character from one of DC’s live action shows will be coming out as gay this upcoming season. 
  • In some very exciting news, at least for me, one of my idols Kevin Smith will be directing a Season 2 episode of Supergirl. He will also direct another episode of The Flash in its third season. 
  • Cory Michael Smith is teasing going “full-on Riddler” in the upcoming third season of Gotham. 
  • In the best and biggest news yet, Ezra Miller has said that he wants his Flash to race Grant Gustin’s Flash. It might seem highly unlikely but Grant is getting ready to meet the Flashpoint so anything is possible!
  • DC has announced that it will not be giving Prez a second comic run. The highly successful comic was scheduled to have a second series launch in October but will be getting a 12-page Election Special instead. 

And that is it for the news today! Stay tuned right here at Lost In The DC Multiverse for all of the latest news and reviews!