Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of the Channel 52 news report! I took a bit of a break these past few days to celebrate my anniversary and do some wedding planning but now we are back to business with A LOT of news to report so here we go!

  • The CW Network has announced that with airing Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, it is not looking to add any more superhero shows to its network at this time. After letting go of Supergirl, CBS has said that is looking for another superhero show to add to its network but hasn’t found anything it likes at this time. 
  • The upcoming third season of The Flash will feature the return of Gorilla Grodd as well as a trip to Gorilla City. 
  • In some disappointing news to me, the CW Network has said that they have no plans for the Constantine character at this time. It disappoints me because after a successful appearance on an episode of Arrow, I hoped CW would pick up the Constantine series after NBC cancelled it. My hopes got higher when the first season of Constantine was added to the CW Seed app. Oh well, at least Matt Ryan is reprising his role in the upcoming animated Justice League Dark film. 
  • Legendary voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy has finally given his opinion on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. His only complaint is that this Batman kills and he doesn’t really feel like it’s necessary. I agree with him but at the same time, love this version of Batman. I really think Ben Affleck is knocking this out of the park. 
  • In other related Kevin Conroy news, he has recently said he would love to cameo in a DC film. I would love to see him cameo in the solo Batman film. 
  • All of DC’s Rebirth books are continuing to dominate the comic sales charts. This doesn’t surprise me one bit because I have been reading every issue they’ve been putting out and everything has been 10/10 for me. Even the books and characters I’m not really a fan of has really impressed me. 
  • It has been confirmed that the Shazam! film will be set in the DC film universe. The film will be featuring my boy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the villainous Black Adam. 
  • In some tears of joy news, the upcoming Kevin Smith directed episode of Supergirl will be titled “Supergirl Lives.” After the success of the Batman and Batman Returns films, DC green lit a Tim Burton produced Superman film entitled “Superman Lives.” The film was set to star Nicholas Cage as Superman and Kevin Smith wrote the script. The story goes that Tim Burton didn’t like Kevin’s script so he brought in someone else to write a script. The film was not suprisingly cancelled shortly after that. A documentary was recently released about the story behind this film. I teared up after hearing the news that Kevin’s episode was going to be a little play on his previous work. I cannot wait for this episode!
  • After Sean Murphy finishes his run on All-Star Batman, he will be getting his own Batman book. He recently signed an exclusive deal with DC. 
  • My favorite film at the moment, Suicide Squad is nearing the $500 million mark at the box office. You know, for a movie that critics are bad mouthing left and right, it seems like it’s doing pretty good for itself. 
  • Gotham star David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne, has said he would love to have Clark Kent make a visit to Gotham. I would love to see it happen and think it would be cool to see a young Clark. Seems like in all of the films in the past, he’s went from baby to grown adult. 
  • In other Gotham related news, the show runners have confirmed that Jerome will be returning more than likely expanding on the Joker myth. 
  • A few days ago, a trailer was released for the Batman “Arkham VR” video game. The game, a PS4 exclusive, will be playable by using the upcoming Playstation VR headset. When you put on the headset, you will putting on the cowl and playing as if YOU are the Dark Knight! The trailer looks really cool and has my attention. Once I buy the headset, I’ll definetly check the game out. It’s coming out in October and has a $19.99 price tag. 
  • In more Suicide Squad news, the soundtrack, featuring the single “Sucker For Pain” has recently debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. 
  • An image was recently released online of Maggie Geha as an older Poison Ivy from the upcoming third season of Gotham. 
  • Ray Fisher’s Cyborg will be appearing in the upcoming Flash film. 
  • And in the best news yet, Henry Cavill posted a close up image of his Superman suit on Instagram. How is that news you might ask? Because the suit was black. That pretty much confirms to me that they are going with the long hair, black and silver Superman straight from the comics. I mean, Dawn of Justice was heavily inspired by the Death of Superman arc so why not follow up with the Return of Superman arc? Personally, I think they should change a few things. In the comic, he was revived by the Fortress of Solitude. With the all but confirmed arrival of Darkseid in the films, I love the idea of having Darkseid make a Superman clone to fight the Justice League. We’ll go more into that at another time. 

And that about does it for this edition of the news! Stay tuned to Lost In The DC Multiverse for some upcoming reviews and my first attempt at explaining some “fun” theories I have about the multiverse!