The complete second season of FOX’s hit show Gotham is in stores now on DVD and Blu-Ray as well as Digital HD! I personally haven’t picked up the set yet but plan on doing so very soon. The Blu-Ray set has 4 discs and the DVD set has 6. 

Let’s take a look at the bonus material 

  • Gotham 2015 SDCC Panel
  • Gotham By Noir Light featurette
  • Alfred – Batman’s Greatest Ally featurette 
  • Cold-Hearted: The Tale of Victor Fries featurette 
  • Character featurettes

I see they are following in the footsteps of the recent release of Supergirl by including the full panel from last year’s SDCC. Once again that’s worth the price of the set alone! 

In terms of where is the best place to get this set? Here’s a look at your top retailers:

Amazon: BD is $36.99 and DVD is $29.99

Walmart: BD is $44.97 and DVD is $34.96

Best Buy: BD is $36.99 and DVD is $29.99

Target: BD is $36.99 and DVD is $32.99

It looks like if you want to pick this up at the lowest cost, head to your local Best Buy or get it shipped by Amazon. I am shocked to learn that my local Walmart is actually carrying the Blu-Ray of this. When Supergirl came out, they only carried the DVD so I just bought it on Vudu until I could find the Blu-Ray. 

I believe only the Blu-Ray of this set includes a Digital HD copy but I might be wrong.