Fans of the DC series Constantine that aired back on NBC a few years ago before being cancelled after one season will soon be able to own it on DVD & Blu-Ray! After being cancelled, fans rallied together to try to get another network to pick it up. The CW network somewhat answered the call by having series star Matt Ryan reprise his role in an episode of Arrow last season as well as adding the series to the CW Seed app. Matt Ryan will also be reprising the role in the upcoming animated adaption of Justice League Dark. It isn’t looking like the series will be getting another season though. In recent DC comics, an ad has been printed, promoting Warner Archive, WB’s manufacture-on-demand service. And what is the main focus in this ad? You guessed it, Constantine! The ad does say available now but it is NOT as of this writing. Stay tuned to Lost In The DC Multiverse for more information on this upcoming release!