In more unrelated DC news, I want to invite you to purchase a book by an amazing author. His name is A.L. White and the book is called Hybrid Z. It is the third book in its series. I met Mr. White at Walker Stalker Chicago this past year and ever since, I consider him a great friend and mentor and it’s because of his influence that this blog exists. I’ve read both books and am re-reading them as we speak before I start on book 3. The book series is about a zombie apocalypse and without having read book 3 yet, I can promise you you will not be disappointed! Mr. White is an amazing writer and I cannot wait to read Hybrid Z. You can purchase all 3 books on Amazon in print and Kindle form. I believe the Kindle versions are like $2.99 each so they are definetly worth it. Head over there now and purchase these and support a terrific guy! You never know, maybe one day we’ll have Mr. White come on the Lost In The DC Multiverse for a Q&A or something! Here’s the link to purchase his books:

Hybrid Z on Amazon