As promised, Lost In The DC Multiverse attended QC Fun Con in Davenport, IA this morning and it was a pretty fun time! A pretty big turnout that you can’t be surprised about with the $1 admission. I visited the CW booth, entered a drawing for a CW Prize Pack and obtained some free swag. As seen in the photo above, I received a CW poster promoting their upcoming TV season, a couple Supergirl temporary tattoos, a DC’s Legends of Tomorrow button and a Arrow mini football. They also had Flash footballs as well. I didn’t really buy too much at the convention but I did pick up District 9 on Blu-Ray for $3 and the Timely Comics reprint of Drax #1 for $3. I’m not much of a Marvel fan compared to DC but my hero CM Punk writes Drax so I had to show him some support. This was a very Fun Con (see what I did there? Lol) and I will definetly attend the next time they have it.