Finally just got a chance to catch the Season 3 premiere of Gotham and wow was I impressed! I wanted to get my review up sooner but have been busy the past few nights so I made sure to get it up today. 

The episode was called “Mad City: Better To Reign In Hell”. I won’t spoil the episode because I’m sure there are some out there that have not seen it yet so I’ll just give my thoughts on what I saw. 

I’m on the fence about the Jim Gordon character right now. He isn’t a cop at the moment, he’s a bounty hunter but after seeing this episode, he seems more like a monster hunter. I totally understand this is before we had a Batman, but the way Jim Gordon fights and gets in all the action, I swear sometimes I’m expecting him to become Batman rather than Bruce Wayne. 

One of the highlights for the whole episode for me was the Selena/Ivy scenes. The characters really attracted me to their scenes for a reason that I can’t put my finger on. When you think of the Catwoman/Poison Ivy characters that we’ve grown to know in the films, comics, animated series, etc, you’d never expect them to pretty much become BFFs when they were kids. I guess it’s one of those things where you never really think too much about it until you see it right in front of you. 

The Fish Mooney character I’m not a big fan of. Jada Pickett-Smith is an amazing actress, don’t get me wrong but the character she’s playing I’m just not a fan of. I am excited that she’s apparently going to be working with The Court of The Owls, my favorite creation of my favorite Batman writer, Scott Snyder. I legit got super excited when I read the report that they’re adapting The Owls for this season. 

The ending of the episode was really my favorite part because it’s one of those endings you never saw coming. I am really excited to see what’s going to happen this upcoming season. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen with the Fish vs Penguin war. I’m excited to see Bruce’s journey to becoming Batman. I’m excited to see what becomes of the Jim Gordon character. I’m just all around excited. 

If you haven’t had the chance to catch the episode yet, it is available on the FOX app and Hulu so please do check it out and voice your opinions on the episode as well. That’s what the comments section is for!