I know I’m a week late but I finally got a chance to watch the season 2 premiere of Lucifer. The episode was called “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer”.  I really enjoyed the episode. The beginning part where Lucifer and Amenadiel are busting the robbers reminded me of The Dark Knight where they rob the bank. The robbers in Lucifer had somewhat clown masks on so I guess that’s why it reminded me of that scene. 

With those two “working together” to find their mother, I was sort of getting a buddy/cop movie vibe. I really think Chloe is on the fence about believing Lucifer or not believing Lucifer after Amenadiel pretty much lied to her. I’m anxious to see where that goes. This episode made me laugh quiet a bit. 

In closing, I’m giving the episode a 7/10. I didn’t really find anything wrong with it but felt like the Season 1 premiere was stronger than the Season 2 premiere. I can’t wait until episode 2 airs to see what happens next.