Back in 2010, WB and DC released the complete series of Batman Beyond in a rectangle shaped box set. It has since gone out of print. Fear not because on November 9th, 2016, the set is being re-released with different packaging. The 9 discs and their bonus content included will be the same as the previous release. The only difference is the price. This new re-release is slated to cost $59.99 which is quite a bit cheaper than the previous release. Below is the official press release:

Rage and revenge for his father’s murder first motivated Terry McGinnis to steal Bruce Wayne’s high-tech Batsuit. A greater purpose and a sense of justice keep him wearing it.

Across the 3 seasons and 52 episodes of this acclaimed series, he patrols the streets and skies of Gotham City with Bruce as his guide. Get in on the exciting and explosive partnership between an ex-crimefighter and his apprentice in the animated series that catapulted the Batman legend to new justice-seeking heights!
In-depth special features: Creator commentaries and series retrospectives. Plus an exclusive bonus 9th disc which includes 3 making-of featurettes and a full-length documentary.
You can preorder this by clicking the Amazon link below!

Batman Beyond: The Complete Series