One reason I launched this blog was because there are days where I stay up late or just waste my entire day on trying to connect various DC TV series and films together to correctly form this Multiverse. Ask my soon-to-be wife and flip through the countless notebooks I have filled with theories. It’s time I share some of them with you viewers. 

This isn’t one of my one but one I found on Some theories I can read a bit and easily say “nope” but this one, after giving it some thought, made some sense. 

Have you ever noticed how FOX’s Gotham series seems to be set in the present? For example, the 2000s era cell phones and the 90s era cars. If you’ve noticed that, read on. 

The highly successful tv series, and later comic series, Batman Beyond featured Terry McGinnis taking over for Bruce Wayne and become Batman. But not the Batman we’ve known. He became Batman Beyond. The series was set in the future, 2040 to be exact. Now remember that date. 

Bruce Wayne, in various books and films, was 8 years old when his parents were murdered. According to the legendary book and now animated film Batman: Year One, Bruce became Batman when he was 25-26 years old, although in the Nolanverse, he was a bit older. 

Now if you consider my examples, you could assume Gotham takes place in the early 2000s and going by the age we assume he becomes Batman, Bruce wouldn’t don the cowl until around 2033. 

That would also make sense as his villains would be 20-25 years older than him. In all of the books I’ve read and films I’ve seen, Penguin always looked like an old man compared to Batman. In Gotham, Carmine Falcon is already an old man, so by the time Bruce becomes Batman, Falcon might even be dead in this version of the story. 

You might be asking how Bruce can be Terry and become Batman Beyond right? What if this tale is different? Terry is already Batman Beyond on the Earth that holds Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, etc so nothing can change that. But when The Flash caused the Flashpoint to occur, what if on this Earth, Bruce doesn’t become the Batman we’ve known our entire lives but becomes Batman Beyond instead? Sure it ignores the fact that a prior Batman ever existed and also ignores Terry McGinnis’ existance (that we know of) but The Flashpoint does things like that. 

What do you guys think of this theory? Please voice your comments below!