Today is the beginning of New York Comic Con and I am excited to report all of the latest news! At the Comic Book Men panel, my hero Kevin Smith just announced that he and Walt Flanagan have begun work on the sequel to their Batman series The Widening Gyre. If you have not read the book before, go grab it now! Kevin explained that they never finished it before because of the New 52 happening and messing up the continuity but while at the DC offices, Kevin was given the green light to resume work on it. He also said it could be 6 or 12 issues, will have a supernatural feel to it and might be similar to his favorite story Swamp Thing Goes To Hell. Awesome, unexpected news to say the least! 

Stay tuned to Lost In The DC Multiverse for all of the latest NYCC news! Coming up in about 20 minutes will be coverage from the DC All Access panel