If you missed out on the Superman Family panel, here’s a quick rundown of what you missed. 

  • The Superman #10 cover was revealed depicting Superman and John having a pretty intense face off with Batman and Damien.
  • It’s revealed Frankenstein and his bride will be appearing in later Superman stories.  
  • Phil Jimenez and Steve Orlando discussed their Superwoman comic and what to expect over the next few issues
  • While discussing Superwoman, it was announced a new version of Atomic Skull will be introduced. 
  • While talking about Supergirl, it was again mentioned that Cyborg Superman is actually Kara’s father. 
  • Peter J Thomasi confirmed Supergirl will gust star in Superman but not until they establish who she is as an individual. 
  • A fan asked about a possible return of the New 52 Superman and Thomasi pretty much said no. 

That about does it for the Superman Family panel! Up next, the world premiere of Batman: Return of The Caped Crusaders!