Here are some highlights from the Q&A

  • Adam West thinks Batman ’66 is still popular today because of the show being family friendly. 
  • Batman: The Brave and The Bold was created because the creators wished they could have did Batman ’66. Now 5 years later and they are getting to work on a Batman ’66 project. 
  • Some of the creators favorite parts of the film are Aunt Harriet being a “horn-dog” and Batman “going bad” 
  • Adam says he’s met a few of the actors that have played Batman since him and they are all great people. 
  • They wanted to put Adam’s song “Miranda” in the film towards the end but couldn’t get rights. Adam even sang a bit of the song. 
  • A fan asked why some of the characters weren’t exactly like how they were in the show and they said it was because the film is based on the show AND the comics of that era. 
  • Adam said he would do ANYTHING Batman related as long as it was meaningful. He said a sequel is rumored to be in development. 
  • A fan asked how Adam has kept the same voice all of these years and he joked that gargling with vodka helps. He later said he’s just lucky. 
  • A fan asked if Adam would be willing to cameo in one of the DC TV shows and he said he’d love to play Grey Ghost. 
  • Adam said Catwoman is his favorite DC character besides Batman because she gave him “curious stirrings in his utility belt”
  • A fan asked if Adam would love to be in one of the upcoming DC films and he said “just give me a call and we’ll see”
  • A fan cosplaying like ’66 Penguin got to go up on stage and meet the creators and Adam. 
  • Adam was asked if he’s read the Batman ’66 comic and he pretty much said he hasnt. He said he reads comics every once in awhile because of how the artwork has changed over the years. 
  • A Family Guy fan asked what has been Adam’s favorite part to play and he obviously answered Batman. 
  • A fan asked if a sequel was made, would Mr. Freeze have a bigger part? Adam answered “he’s still on ice”
  • A fan asked what has been Adam’s favorite thing about playing Batman and he said his sense of humor. 
  • Adam was asked if Adam has seen Gotham and he said he hasn’t seen it. 
  • It was OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED at the end that there WILL be a sequel and will feature someone never before in the ’66 series…….Two-Face and will he voiced by William Shatner!!

And that is it for Day 1 coverage of NYCC!  Check back tomorrow for more coverage!