Here are highlights from my favorite panel so far:

  • Tom King called Scott Snyder’s run as the greatest in Batman history. 
  • King said his entire run will go back to his #1. 
  • In the next arc, Batman will form his own Suicide Squad of villains in Arkham to take on Bane. Ventriloquist, Punch and Jewelee, Bronze Tiger, and Catwoman are on the team. 
  • King said Catwoman will from now on be the second lead of the book. 
  • King also said if people don’t like this story, he will quit the book. 
  • Scott Snyder said his All-Star Batman is like taking the Batmobile and going off-road. It’s his chance to write villains he never did in his previous run. 
  • The next All-Star Batman arc will feature Mr. Freeze
  • Snyder confirmed him and Greg Capullo are reuniting for a new Batman project. 
  • Oracle’s identity will be revealed in the next issue of Birds of Prey and a new member will join the team. 
  • Tim Seeley said he’s waiting for the ok for a Nightwing/Birds of Prey crossover. 
  • After Night of The Monster Men, Nightwing will meet Superman. 
  • The next Detective Comics arc will feature Batman and his team taking on a team of villains. 
  • The Bat family believe Tim Drake is dead while readers know he’s not. 
  • The recently announced Batwoman comic will spin out of a two part story in Detective Comics story called Batwoman Begins. 
  • A fan asked about the Watchmen connection and everyone dodged the question. 
  • Snyder said Poison Ivy will come to a crossroads where she chooses between villian and hero. 
  • James Tynion IV said Julia Pennyworth will appear in Batwoman. 

That’s it for this amazing panel! Check back for coverage from DC’s Young Animal panel!