Here are highlights from DC’s Young Animal panel:

  • Young Animal was created because Gerard Way wanted to give a “good family” to the Doom Patrol book. 
  • Way explained that back when he read Doom Patrol and Shade, it gave him a feeling that mainstream superheroes didn’t give him so he wanted to recreate that feeling. 
  • Doom Patrol #2 will be in stores next week featuring Negative Man Larry Trainor. 
  • When writing for Shade, Zarcone got advice from fellow writer Mark Waid. 
  • When talking about Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye, Way describes artist Michael Avon Oeming as “a legend”. 
  • They talk about Mother Panic that is in stores next month. 
  • Way says the main character in Mother Panic is like “an ultra-extreme Bruce Wayne with a sex tape.”
  • Way revealed an Umbrella Academy TV series is in talks and that he has a meeting after NYCC. 
  • Way said he’d be very excited to do animated adaptions of Young Animal properties. 

That about does it. I really enjoyed this panel and really respect Gerard for branching out of his music career and taking over this new imprint. I hope to one day meet him to discuss some things. Stay tuned for coverage of the Harley Quinn panel!