Here’s the highlights!

  • In a fact that I never knew, Harley Quinn was inspired by Arleen Sorkin’s work on Days of Our Lives as a joker in harlequin costume in 1987. 
  • When Paul Dini and Bruce Timm created her in 1992, she was supposed to be a one-off character but they had so much fun with the character that they kept her around. 
  • They mentioned how ever since the New 52 run of Harley, it has become the best selling female led series. 
  • In a big surprise, a video was played of Arleen Sorkin thanking the fans of all of their support and thanking Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner for making her a regular. 
  • Jimmy only knew Harley from Batman: The Animated Series whereas Amanda knew her more from the comics. 
  • They talked about the #0 issue that had art from different artists. Jimmy said when he approached Dan DiDio about it, he was told it could only happen if he got 18 people to sign on. 
  • Everyone pretty much confirmed Joker and Harley have an abusive relationship and even mention Suicide Squad cutting the scenes from the film. 
  • While discussing Harley & Ivy’s relationship, it is asked if they see Harley as a queer character and everyone answers yes. 
  • It is asked what Dini and Timm think of the new book and they said “they’ve been really sweet” and it’s revealed that Dini is even going to help with a few stories. 
  • A fan asks what didn’t work with Harley’s origin in the Suicide Squad film and they mention how the film portrays the Joker creating her and believe she had it in her all along but he brought it out of her. 
  • It’s asked if there will be a Harley Quinn movie and Jimmy and Amanda both answer that it’d make sense. 
  • A fan asks if there will be a story where Harley is Batman’s sidekick and Amanda jokes that they’re going to steal that idea. 
  • It’s asked whether Amanda and Jimmy would help out with a Harley Quinn movie and they both say they’d be available. 
  • A fan asks the last question which is really good. They ask with a vat of acid, did Joker push Harley or did she jump? Jimmy asks what if she allowed herself to be pushed? Amanda said maybe she was so smitten with him that she said ok. 

And that’s it for this awesome panel! Up next is Wonder Woman 75!