I totally forgot about the spotlight panel on the legendary Frank Miller. Here are some highlights:

  • Frank opened by saying he wants to bring Brother Power The Geek back but DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio didn’t seem to like the idea. 
  • When talking about all the books he’s worked on, he calls Klaw The Conqueror “a bad Conan ripoff”
  • Talking about Ronin, he says it was inspired by his love for Lone Wolf & Club. 
  • When he was asked to do a Batman comic (which later became The Dark Knight Returns), he says he was scared at first because he didn’t know if DC would like what he did with their characters. 
  • When describing the war between Superman and Batman, he pretty much called them polar opposites in every way.
  • DiDio asked if Batman: Year One was meant to be a bookend to The Dark Knight Returns and Frank revealed the story mostly came from his notes he’d made for The Dark Knight Returns. 
  • When talking about The Dark Knight Strikes Again, he reveals #2 came out just before the 9/11 attacks so there was delay with #3 because he struggled with his work. 
  • He says he didn’t draw any comics for years because working in film was an exciting change of pace. 
  • When talking about The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, he talked about the idea of working with other people and he said he’s lucky he’s working with Brian and said they giggle like kids, play around and stories come out of it. 
  • At the end he confirmed he’s returning to Sin City, saying it’s his home and he’ll always go back to it. He said he’s working on an addition to 300 that focuses on Xerxes. He said he’s spoken with DiDio about Batman vs Marv and a Sin City/Archie crossover but I think he was joking about those. 

Thanks to all that checked out my Day 1 coverage of NYCC. I’m going to try to check out the season premiere of Arrow in a bit and I know I’m 2 episodes behind on Gotham so expect those reviews in the near future. My coverage of Day 2 of NYCC will kick off in the morning with all the news coming out of the Batman Family panel.