For our last panel coverage today, we are covering a panel about an epic woman. A woman who has been around for decades. A woman who will be around long after we are. Do you wonder who we are talking about? WONDER WOMAN! Today a panel was held honoring Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary and here are the highlights:

  • A short video opened the panel showing Wonder Woman’s different looks over the decades. 
  • It was announced that a digital-first comic Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 will be released in January. The legendary Alex Ross will be doing the variant covers. The series will be time jumping with Wonder Woman in the 40s, Batman in the 60s and Wonder Woman once again in the 70s. 
  • When talking about the current Wonder Woman comic, Rucka said he wants to make Steve Trevor the coolest guy in comics. 
  • Upcoming arc names are The Truth, Year One and Godwatch. 
  • In the recently announced DC Super Hero Girls book Summer Olympus, Wonder Woman will be returning to Olympus to meet her father. 
  • A new graphic novel is coming out called Wonder Woman: The True Amazon. 
  • It was announced that Wonder Woman: Earth One will be a three part series and book two is in development. 
  • The trailer for the Wonder Woman film was played. 
  • A fan asked if we will see a Poison Ivy/Wonder Woman story and Rucka said there is a good story to be told but it will not be told this year. 

That about does it for Day 2 coverage of NYCC! Check back tomorrow for all of the latest DC updates coming out of Day 3!