Bruce Wayne and The Penguin are on stage together! Say what?!
Robin Lord Taylor tells a story about how he was asked who is Gotham City’s biggest villain and he answered Donald Trump. 

David talks about Bruce’s doppelgänger and said it was fun to play both roles. 

Robin talks about Edward and Oswald’s relationship. He says Edward makes Oswald stronger. 

Erin Richards shows up late, saying she was stuck in traffic. 

Richards says Barbara’s end goal is becoming her own Kingpin. 

Richards begs everyone to vote for Hillary. 

They talk about the sets for a bit. David says he loves Wayne Manor. 

A fan asks how Robin keeps his role fresh and he said he gives credit to the writers. 

A fan asked if Oswald actually likes penguins and he said don’t expect him to have Happy Feet posters on the wall. 

David says he wasn’t given any warning about his clone’s twist. 

A woman asked Robin about dying his hair and he said he has to do it every two to three weeks. 

A fan asked, and I loved the question, if Bruce’s clone will go down a Hush or Lincoln March route and David said he can’t say but it’s not a 100% Gotham original character. 

Robin said he loved working with Paul Reubens. 

Robin talked about having to film the series around his dad’s death and said he won’t watch 216. 

They dropped little hints of The Joker and confirmed Gerome will be retuning in season 3. 

A fan says her cat just died and Robin and Barbara talk about their cats. 

David brought his dog on stage that’s dressed like Robin. 

Robin talks about him and Fish’s relationship. 

A fan asks if Oswald would recruit Ivy to go after Fish. Robin said it would be brilliant. 

Robin revealed Oswald and Bruce will meet for the first time in three years. 

A fan asked who they’re excited to work with and Barbara revealed she has a scene with Edward soon. 

A fan asked David who is his inspiration out of all of the Batman actors and he answered Christian Bale. 

And that’s it! Stay tuned for the Meet The Publishers panel!