Here are highlights from the panel featuring Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. 

  • DiDio opened by thanking the fans for the success of Rebirth. He said the idea was born at NYCC last year when people were leaving during their panel. He pretty much knew then they were in trouble. 
  • They discussed the recently announced Justice League vs Suicide Squad comic. 
  • They announced Wonder Woman Day is going to be on October 21st and to celebrate her 75th anniversary, DC and the USPS are releasing Wonder Woman stamps. 
  • They announce the Kamandi Challenge, releasing around the 100th birthday of Jack Kirby, that is a 12-page series from a variety of writers. Each book ends with a cliffhanger that the next writing team have to work from. They described it as each team is trying to screw the other team. They announced Bruce Timm will be doing the cover for the first issue and they should be out in January. 
  • They discussed the relaunched WildStorm Universe. They said it would be a pop-up imprint similar to Young Animal and Hanna-Barbera. They announce it will relaunch in February. 
  • They discuss Young Animal and how Gerard Way started out as an intern at DC and got sidetracked with his music career. They said he went through a DC Encyclopedia to find the most obscure characters to write. They said as long as he’s involved, they will keep Young Animal around. 
  • In a funny moment, DiDio says Gerard had asked him how Cave Carson got his cybernetic eye. DiDio said “damned if I know”. Gerard did research for two weeks and still couldn’t find out how. So they contacted the original writer and even he said “damned if I know”. 
  • They begin to discuss The American Way: Those Above and Those Below, a new Vertigo book from John Ridley and Georges Jeanty. It’s a book WildStorm published 10 years ago. This is going to be a sequel. 
  • Mad Magazine is printing a parody book Goodnight Batman and it’s coming out on November 2nd. 
  • They announce a new Jetsons comic and announce there will also be a Dastardly and Muttley book. 
  • DiDio announces Direct Current a free book for customers at comics shops to keep them updated with all that’s coming out. 
  • A fan asks if WildStorm characters could coexist in the DC Universe and WildStorm Universe, and Jim Lee pretty much said that’s a little too deep right now. 
  • A fan asked about Milestone and Lee said it’s coming along and will have more information next year. 
  • A fan asked if Shazam will get a Rebirth treatment and DiDio said he’s always been a priority to them but you won’t seen him right away. They mentioned new characters next year so maybe next year?
  • A fan asked if DC would publish Harry Potter books and DiDio asked who wouldn’t but said it’s not in the cards. 
  • A fan asked about including the Watchmen hints at the beginning of Rebirth and DiDio said it’s part of the big plan. 
  • A fan asked what Huntress’ ethnicity is and the answer was Sicilian-Italian. 
  • A fan asked with the Watchmen references, any chance for V for Vendetta and the answer was no. 
  • A fan asked about the Legion of Superheroes and DiDio said it’s one of those stories that will be told, just not yet. 

And that’s about it for this! I think I got more info out of this panel than I did the Rebirth – What’s Next panel. I’m really excited for all they announced! Up next is coverage of the Justice League Dark Exclusive First Look panel!