It’s time for coverage on the second most anticipated animated film at NYCC! Here are the highlights:

  • We get a few new Justice League members in Hawkman and Martian Manhunter. 
  • For the fight scenes in the film, Jay Avila got inspiration from the Final Fantasy series. 
  • Matt Ryan talked about transitioning from acting to voice acting. 
  • A clip is played where you hear Swamp Thing’s voice but you don’t actually see him. 
  • Matt Ryan says he loves playing Constantine whether it’s in the live action or animated form. 
  • A fan tried to hand O’Mara a Battle for The Cowl script but he couldn’t legally accept it. 

That was about it. It was shorter than I thought it’d be. I also expected more clips than what was shown. I’m still really excited for this movie, especially if they’re finally adapting Swamp Thing! Up next is the final panel today, a spotlight on one of my inspirations Scott Snyder!