Now is the time for the spotlight on one of my inspirations. Some people have Frank Miller as their favorite Batman writer. Some have others. I have Scott Snyder. With some comics, you read an issue here and there. When Scott wrote Batman, I read EVERY single issue. Sometimes twice. I’m excited for this panel with him. Here are the highlights from it:

  • He was running a bit late due to a scheduling mishap but he apologized. 
  • A fan asked about the three Jokers and Scott said it’s Geoff John’s idea and he’s got a great story to tell. 
  • Scott talks about Rebirth and says the New 52 is not out of canon. He talks about Doctor Manhattan taking years away from the heroes. He said the New 52 occurred but it’s just about the missing years. 
  • Scott talked about meeting Adam West for the first time. 
  • Scott talks about the Zero Year arc and says it was because of a meeting with Grant Morrison. Grant told him a Batman needs a death and a rebirth.
  • A fan thanked Scott for using The Riddler. Scott told him Paul Dini said you’d love him until you had to write his riddles. 
  • A fan asks about the delay of the second arc of Wytches and Scott says it’s because Jock was busy working on costume design for Star Wars Episode VIII but says it’s underway now. 
  • Scott says he would love to write Damien but says he was dead for most of his run on Batman and says now he’s in more of Teen Titans books rather than the Bat books. 
  • He says being the parent of a nine year old, he thinks he’d be too protective of the Damien character. 
  • He says he’s working on a summer event with Greg Capullo. He says it’s not tied to any other books like Watchmen. He says it’s their capstone to everything they’ve ever done with Batman. 
  • A fan asks if he plans to write Superman again and he says it’s all apart of their summer event. 
  • He says the Death of The Family arc represented his fears of being a father and losing his edge as a writer and what if someone like The Joker offered to kill them all. 
  • He says he has a few Joker stories left including one that’s the meanest thing he’s ever done and wants to do it in All-Star Batman after Sean Murphy’s arc ends. 
  • A fan asked about his reaction to the Court of The Owls being in Gotham and he said he and Greg had the same reaction, as long as they can play Owls in the background. 
  • A fan asked if he’d ever write any Marvel characters and he said he has a Ghost Rider, Captian America and Wolverine biker story he’d love to write someday. 
  • The last question was if you had to The Gotham Gazette for the What Is Gotham column, what would you say? And he answered “Gotham Is You”

That was a really cool panel! I could seriously listen to him talk for hours. I’m excited about his Joker story. It sounds really interesting. And that’s it for Day 3 coverage of NYCC. Tomorrow, the final day of NYCC, we only have one panel coverage which is DC Comics – My Secret Origin so definetly check it out. I’m hoping to also have time to review Arrow and those Gotham episodes. We shall see!