So I was reading over on Moviepilot (great site by the way, definetly check it out) and they posted about a theory that got me thinking. 

Did Doctor Manhattan create the DCEU?

Obvious answer is no but think about it. In Rebirth #1 its confirmed that he created the New 52 so right there he created a “new” universe. In the Watchmen film, in his last scene he says he was going to leave this galaxy for one less complicated and that he would create new life forms. 4 years later, Man of Steel came out so we had a “new” Superman. 

I look at it like this. A less complicated galaxy. In the past decade, DC’s films were all over the place. Different Batmans. Different Supermans. Different Arrows. If you’re not a die hard DC fan, it can very complicating. When they created the DCEU, we had ONE Superman, ONE Batman, and the lost goes on. Sure you might get a bad review here and there but everything is pretty straight forward and nothing complicated. Create new life forms? Since Watchmen came out, and the DCEU launched, we have a “new” Superman (Cavill), a “new” Batman (Affleck), a “new” Wonder Woman (Gadot), a “new” Aquaman (Momoa), a “new” Flash (Miller), a “new” Cyborg (Fisher), a “new” Joker (Leto), etc. 

I could go on and on but you see all the “new” we have. At times I think the DCEU is similar to the New 52 and if Manhattan created one, who’s to say he didn’t create the other? Plus all the Watchmen hints in the films. I swear the Watchmen are in all of the films just sitting back and watching EVERYTHING. 

What do you think?