So, a few hours after posting about those new DC Comics 3-Packs I found at my local Walmart, I decided to go back and buy them. I grabbed them and all that was left was 1 more pack with Batman #1 at the front and 1 more pack with Justice League #1 at the front. I’m hoping they get more in stock because the back cover shows tons of different titles. So as you can see from the pics above that I took, inside the pack, the other two books are NOT Rebirth titles but New 52 titles. I’m not complaining because the books I got, I don’t have. I’m excited to have more Batman books. I’ve never read Secret Origin so I’m excited to. So if you guys want to pick these up for yourselves, I suggest you check your trading card section at your local Walmart. For $5 that’s quite a deal for 3 books. Say you went into your local comic shop that sells the books at retail price. You’d pay $2.99 for the Rebirth book and $3.99 a piece for the New 52 books so that’s $10.97 without tax. You pick these up for $5 plus tax. It’s like you’re getting them for 50% off. Sure you’re risking getting books you already have but in my opinion, it’s worth the risk. Plus I’m sure lots of these Rebirth #1 first prints are long gone. And I can confirm, these titles ARE first prints. So head out and grab these while you can!