Ok you guys, I had this thought pop into my head earlier today and I immediately sat down with a piece of paper to map this out. Basically EVERY DC film has taken place on the SAME Earth and the Watchmen (Dr. Manhattan to be exact) tampered with this Universe. An even bigger reveal is this Universe has unfolded just like the actual comic Universe. Follow me…..

So this Earth begins and let’s call this “Pre-Flashpoint” just like in the comics. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called in the comics but I’m referring to before New 52 happened. So let’s look at this “Pre-Flashpoint” Earth’s timeline:

  • 1951: Superman and the Mole Men
  • 1954: Stamp Day For Superman
  • 1966: Batman The Movie
  • 1978: Superman The Movie
  • 1980: Superman II*
  • 1982: Swamp Thing
  • 1983: Superman III*
  • 1984: Supergirl
  • 1987: Superman IV*
  • 1989: Return of Swamp Thing
  • 1989: Batman
  • 1992: Batman Returns

Now I know there are a few movies up there that you could say are not connected in anyway if they were on the same Earth for example how comedic Batman The Movie is compared to Batman and the same goes for Superman and the Mole Men and Superman The Movie. The person you can thank for that is Doctor Manhattan. In the ongoing Rebirth series, it’s revealed (or at least implied) that he removed 10 years from their timeline. It also happened on this “Pre-Flashpoint” Earth. 

  • 1993: Catwoman (I’m referring to the 2004 film. It was originally in development in 1993 but sat in developmental hell for years)
  • 1995: Batman Forever
  • 1997: Steel
  • 1997: Green Lantern (I’m referring to the 2011 film. It slowly went into development in 1997 but, just like Catwoman, sat in developmental hell)
  • 1998: Batman & Robin

Now those five films are some of the biggest flops in DC’s film history and for years I’ve heard people mention they wished those films were never made. Doctor Manhattan, thinking he’s doing us a favor, removed those from their timeline because now in 2016, those films are rarely mentioned. So let’s say ten years (1992-2002) have been removed and let’s move onto this new universe. Let’s say this is all new. New series. New continuity. Sound familiar? Sound like The New 52? Let’s call what was called “Pre-Flashpoin” Earth, now it’s called “New 52” Earth. Starting all over from complete scratch….

  • 2005: Constantine
  • 2005: Batman Begins
  • 2006: V For Vendetta
  • 2006: Superman Returns*
  • 2006: Superman II: The Richard Donnor Cut*
  • 2008: The Dark Knight
  • 2009: Watchmen
  • 2010: The Losers
  • 2010: Jonah Hex
  • 2012: The Dark Knight Rises

Now I’m sure you noticed a few movies had asterisks beside them. When Doctor Manhattan tampered with the timeline, he created an alternate Superman timeline where The Richard Donnor Cut replaced the theatrical version of Superman II and Superman Returns replaced Superman III and IV. The New 52 had a few series’ that didn’t take off the way they wanted them to and this movie timeline is no different (Constantine, V For Vendetta, Jonah Hex). So now in this New 52 Earth, Doctor Manhattan and the Watchmen have arrived. Notice how Watchmen and The Losers were released on this timeline? Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Comedian in Watchmen) a year later appeared in The Losers. Was Comedian apart of a Witness Protection or was he undercover? Sure it sounds a bit much but if Doctor Manhattan can remove ten years from the timeline, anything is possible. But what if Doctor Manhattan didn’t like this New 52 Earth? Remember at the end of the Watchmen movie, he said something along the lines of he’s leaving this Universe to create a new one. And he did because in 2013, the slate was wiped clean again. It felt like a Rebirth. Hey, wait a minute!

  • 2013: Man of Steel
  • 2016: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • 2016: Suicide Squad

On this Rebirth Earth, everything is new and reborn. For example, the Batman in Dawn of Justice has no connections to the Batman in The Dark Knight. EveryONE is new except a group called the Watchmen. They are watching, so to speak. Do you want proof? In every movie released since this Rebirth in 2013, there has been Watchmen Easter eggs in every film. If it’s not a smiley face, it’s something else. Who played (or I should say ‘played’) Thomas Wayne in Dawn of Justice? Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Wait! Yes, Comedian is in this new universe. When will the Watchmen show up? I don’t know. Maybe they never will. Maybe I’m completely insane but you have to admit it is a bit weird how the DC Comic universe has been rebooted about 3 times and so has the film universe. And how can we have a “Pre-Flashpoint” but never a Flashpoint occurring? Maybe The Flash causing a Flashpoint in 2016, effected this universe in 2005. Who knows? So that is my theory. Let’s get some comments going and get this shared!