Stopped at my local Walmart tonight and after looking around, found some awesome buys! As you can see from the photos above, I found a Suicide Squad/Batman: Assault On Arkham Blu-Ray set. You get the Suicide Squad film (both Extended AND Theatrical) on Digital HD and the Assault On Arkham animated film on Blu-Ray. After getting home, I can confirm that Suicide Squad redeems now so the slipcover doesn’t lie and you CAN watch it tonight. The code is on the inside of the slipcover. I hoped Assault on Arkham would come with a digital copy too as I’m missing that from my collection but it does not. The price on this I believe was like $22.96

My next awesome finds was by complete accident. I was walking through the men’s clothing section when I looked and found a Batman costume T-Shirt and a Superman costume T-Shirt. The cool thing about both shirts was they had capes attached to them. I thought they looked pretty sweet. What was even sweeter was when I looked at the price tag. These shirts that were originally $10.88 a price, were only $1.00 each!! They only had mediums but look pretty big for a medium so I grabbed both shirts. 

Not sure if other Walmart’s have these awesome finds or not but it’s definetly worth checking out!