Ever since Gotham premiered on FOX a few years ago, everyone has tuned in to see Bruce Wayne’s long journey to become the Dark Knight we know. Those same people have tuned in to see when the legendary villains would show up. We’ve seen The Penguin. We’ve seen Hugo Strange. We’ve seen The Mad Hatter. We MIGHT have seen The Joker. The list goes on. 

Some have proposed a new theory. Could Barbara, who has been leaning towards the dark side as of late, become my one of my favorite villains Harley Quinn? To be honest, the thought has never once popped into my head. In an interview with CinemaBlend, the actress portraying Barbara, Erin Richards had the following to say about this rumor:

“There have been conversations,” Richards admits. “I think something major would have to happen to Barbara for her to fully become Harley Quinn. Because Harley Quinn is kind of…she doesn’t, to me, have the motivation that Babs has. Harley Quinn seems to like destruction for destruction’s sake, and that’s wonderful, but I feel like Barbara has more of a plan. She’s a little bit more intellectual in her approach toward climbing the ladder and taking over the underworld. And I think if she was to then morph into Harley Quinn, there would have to be something that happened that sort of stripped away that kind of scheming side of her so that she would just become, I guess, unhinged in the world. That, to me, is what Harley Quinn represents. That madness and mayhem that comes along with The Joker, because obviously, they’re a team.”

What do you guys think? Is she becoming Harley? I guess the only way we’ll know is by continuing to watch Gotham every Monday night on FOX!