Fresh off the Gotham City Sirens film announcement, we have a few more tidbits about upcoming films!

Sucide Squad 2 is in development. It is unknown how far in development they are in, nor any casting or story news but we can officially confirm it’s in the works. 

It’s also been announced that DC is considering a Deadshot spinoff film. I guess we can assume Will Smith will be reprising his role but it hasn’t been announced yet. Please note that they are NOT making this film, they are only considering it. Maybe they’re waiting to see how well Suicide Squad does in home media sale before they decide on the film. 

My thoughts are positive ones. I knew they would make a sequel to Suicide Squad based on the ending of the film. I was a huge fan of the film so obviously I want a sequel. 

I am also hoping they make a spinoff for Deadshot. I loved Will’s portrayal of the character. I know it was rumored when the film first came out that they wanted to do spinoffs for all of the characters. I personally don’t want a spinoff for EVERY character. I mean if they did make them, I’d watch them without question but I’m not saying I MUST have them. Besides Deadshot, I really want a Harley Quinn spinoff and a Joker spinoff. I’d actually love a Joker trilogy. 

So what’s your thoughts on these announcements?