So the other night I finally got to read a book that I kept hearing about everywhere I went for comics. That book is called Dark Knight – A True Batman Story and it is written by legendary Batman writer Paul Dini. You most likely remember him from Batman: The Animated Series. 

This book, in my best way to describe it, is Paul’s autobiography in comic form. He tells his story and it is laid out with art, panels and the whole nine yards. I won’t reveal what happens in the book because it’s a story that you really need to read. 

I’ll be honest, I just thought of Paul as another writer like all of the rest. But after reading his story, and reading what he went through, I have a new found respect for the man that helped create one of the most legendary animated series to date. 

I finished the book in two nights. I probably could have finished it in one, but I did not want to put it down. It was one of those stories that sucks you in and you cling on to every panel and every word. 

I give the book at 9 out of 10. My only complaint about it, and it’s a small one, is I wish the Batman characters were more drawn like their Animated Series portrayals but that does NOT take away from the amazing story at all. If you’re a Batman fan or just a fan of an amazing story in general, please make sure you read this book!

Dark Knight – A True Batman Story is now available in paperback in comic shops and book stores. A digital copy can be found on Comixology and the DC app.