So I totally forgot Powerless premiered last night. It’s a good thing I had a recording set on my DVR because I woke up this morning and watched it. Here are my thoughts and opinions:

  • First and foremost, when I heard DC was developing a comedy, I almost cringed at the idea because I’m so used to the dark movies and various TV series over the years. I guess I just couldn’t picture comedy coming from DC but after watching the pilot, I am highly entertained. There were quite a few moments where I laughed out loud. 
  • I think the intro is my favorite part of the series so far. It shows various silver age comic covers and zooms into a random character in the background as it shows the cast’s names. It’s really cool. It makes you think Vanessa Hudgen’s character was the background of an Action Comics issue. Really cool in my opinion. 
  • Speaking of Vanessa Hudgens, she nails this role. I haven’t seen her acting much since her High School Musical days but she’s really good in this role. Her portrayal of this character is really believable and the times I laughed out loud, it was because something her character did or said. 
  • Another favorite part of the pilot for me was Adam West himself doing a voiceover. After hearing his voice, everytime they mentioned Bruce Wayne, I was waiting for him to be playing Bruce again. 
  • I’m not really a fan of “Bruce Wayne’s cousin”. I’m not sure why I’m not and I can’t put my finger on it but maybe the character will grow on me. 
  • The supporting characters are also entertaining to me as well. It’s one of those shows where you enjoy all of the characters and not just the main ones. 

If you missed the show, I believe you can find it on the NBC app and Hulu. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re a DC fan or comedy in general. It definitely belongs with our other DC shows. I’m not sure yet which Earth it takes place on but I’m sure we’ll crack that code at a later date. 

Powerless returns next Thursday night on NBC