I was doing some shopping at my local Walmart when I noticed some new DC stuff in the entertainment section. As you can see, a variety of DC Blu-Rays have been re-released and packaged with DC adult coloring books. If you already own the movies but want the coloring books, it looks like you’ll have to purchase them again because I did not see the coloring books by themselves. My way of looking at it is, you pay $19.96 for a coloring book and get a free movie! 

The other new items are character focused Best-Of DVDs. Each disc is focused on a character and contains a few episodes of the Justice League animated series that focus on that character. The back of the cases did not specify which episodes are on which discs but after doing some research, here is what is on 4 of the discs:

Superman (previously released as Justice League Vol. 1 – Secret Orgins)

  • 3-part story “Secret Origins” from Justice League 

The Flash (previously release as Justice League Vol. 3 – Paradise Lost)

  • 2-part story “Paradise Lost” from Justice League
  • 2-part story “War World” from Justice League

Wonder Woman (previously released as Justice League Vol. 5 – The Brave and The Bold)

  • 2-part story “The Brave and The Bold” from Justice League
  • 2-part story “Injustice For All” from Justice League

Batman (previously released as Justice League Vol. 4 – Starcrossed The Movie)

  • 3-part story “Starcrossed” from Justice League

As you can see, this is all previously released material just re-released and contains nothing new. If you have Justice League on DVD or Blu-Ray, you can pass on these but if you don’t have the sets, these are great discs to grab! 

Comment below if your Walmart has these or if you picked them up!