About a week after Batman himself, Ben Affleck dropped out of directing the upcoming film rumored to be called The Batman, Variety is reporting that Matt Reeves, who’s recent work has been Cloverfield and the upcoming War of The Planet of The Apes, will be taking over the role. No further details have been announced at this time. 

I do want to clarify a few rumors I’ve read the past few days. 

  • Ben is NOT leaving the role of Batman. He only left the role of directing the film as it was too much to juggle with directing and starring in the film that Warner Bros wants out in the next few years. If you read he’s no longer playing Batman, please ignore it. 
  • Since Ben isn’t directing, the script is NOT be completely rewritten. Warner Bros and Ben are “HAPPY” with the current script and if anything, things will be added, removed or touched up. The current script is the definitive script. 
  • It was being rumored that the film would be an adaption of the Hush storyline or use elements from it similar to how Dawn of Justice used elements from The Dark Knight Returns. I cannot confirm nor deny that rumor. If it is true, then story wise, the upcoming Gotham City Sirens film needs to be released before The Batman. The only thing I can confirm is Joe Manganiello will be playing Deathstroke. 

Stay tuned to Lost In The DC Multiverse for more updates on the highly anticipated film!