I want to take time out to give you a little tip on scoring an amazing box set cheap! Remember when Batman ’66 finally came out on Blu-Ray and DVD a few years back? Were you one of the few that passed on the Blu-Ray edition due to the somewhat high cost? Well if you were, now is your time to buy it! How you might ask? DO NOT visit Amazon, eBay, Barns and Noble, etc. Those retailers are still selling it for its original price. Here is how you get it cheap and probably even cheaper than the DVD edition!

Visit Amazon Italy (Amazon.it) and look up the boxset. You might want to use a site translator as the site is in Italian but once you add it to the cart and choose your shipping, you will be purchasing the Blu-Ray box set for $33.03 shipped! 

I know lots of people might be assuming that the discs won’t play in American players but fear not because the discs are exactly the same as what’s in stores in America. The only thing different is the packaging. I placed my order the other day and it’s scheduled to be delivered on March 29th. 

Please note: This is NOT the box set with the Batmobile Hot Wheels Replica and the box that plays the theme song. This is the box set that is similar to the DVD counterpart. You can see what it looks like in the photo above. This also does NOT include a digital copy. 

This is too good of a deal to pass on! Don’t be a fool to let this deal slip away! If you have any issues ordering, please comment below and we will be available to assist you in any way we can.