Did you get caught up on Supergirl, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Need a little more DC in your life before the new episode of Arrow airs tonight? Well today is the day you NEED to visit your local comic shop or log on to the DC app because it’s NEW DC DAY! Here’s what you’ll find in stores today:

  • All-Star Batman #8
  • Aquaman #19
  • Batman #19 
  • Batman And Superman In World’s Finest Comics The Silver Age Omnibus Volume 1 TPB
  • Batman Ego And Other Tails Deluxe Edition HC
  • Batwoman #1 
  • Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #6 
  • DC Comics Bombshells #24
  • DC Comics Bombshells Volume 3 Uprising TPB
  • Green Arrow #19 
  • Green Lanterns #19
  • Harley Quinn #16
  • Harley Quinn Volume 1 Die Laughing TPB
  • He-Man Thundercats #6 
  • Injustice Ground Zero #8
  • Jack Of Fables The Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HC
  • JSA The Golden Age Deluxe Edition HC
  • Justice League #17 
  • Justice League Of America Power And Glory HC
  • Lucifer #16
  • Mr Punch 20th Anniversary Edition TPB
  • Nightwing #17 
  • Odyssey Of The Amazons #3
  • Scooby-Doo Where Are You #79
  • Super Sons #2 
  • Superman #19
  • Titans #9 
  • Trinity #7 
  • Wild Storm #2 

A lot of great books are out today and as you can see the He-Man/Thundercats mini-series is coming to an end. With so many great books to choose from, I know how hard it is so here are my picks to assist you in your choices:

  • All-Star Batman #8: Written by an inspiration to me and a man I would love to meet one day, Scott Snyder, this book is one of my favorite Rebirth titles. It has gotten a lot of flack from the internet haters because it doesn’t reach the heights of his previous Batman run but if we’re being honest, nothing will and Scott isn’t trying to. He’s taking The Dark Knight character and throwing him in some situations we’ve never seen before and focusing on some villains we don’t see very much and that is why I love the title. 
  • Batman #19: Just like I said with The Flash, I highly recommend you read this title from here on out if you don’t already. Very soon the two titles are set to crossover and we will find out what THAT button was that Batman found in the Batcave back at the Rebirth launch. It’s best you read these from here on out so you don’t miss out on the lead up to the reveal. 
  • Harley Quinn Vol. 1 TPB: I know I’ve said it numerous times before but I’m a huge Harley Quinn fan. And this run of the iconic character is just as good as the previous New 52 run. If you didn’t check the book out back when it was relaunched, here’s your chance to read it from the beginning!
  • Super Sons #2: I really love this title. To me, it’s like for decades we’ve seen Batman and Superman together over and over again so this book lets us see how their sons would fair together. 
  • Wild Storm #2: I’ll be honest, I geeked out when DC announced it was rebooting its Wild Storm universe. I remembered how cool the comics looked back when I was a kid so this title was a no brainer for me and I haven’t been disappointed yet. 

So there are my picks. I really hope they help you out. So let’s get to reading! And don’t forget to comment below and let us know what YOU are reading!