After that shocking and heartwrenching season finale of The Flash last night, we move onto our favorite day of the week, New DC Day! If you haven’t been on the DC app or to your local comic shop yet, this is what you’ll find on the shelves today:

  • Aquaman #23
  • Astro City #44
  • Batman #23 
  • Batwoman #3
  • Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #8 
  • DC Comics Bombshells #27
  • Flash #22 
  • Flash Volume 2 Speed Of Darkness TPB
  • Free Country A Tale Of The Children’s Crusade TPB
  • Green Arrow #23 
  • Green Arrow Volume 8 The Hunt For The Red Dragon TPB
  • Green Lanterns #23
  • Harley Quinn #20 
  • Injustice 2 #2
  • Justice League #21 
  • Justice League Power Rangers #4 
  • Lucifer #18
  • Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter #2 (Promotional Comic)
  • Nightwing #21
  • Odyssey Of The Amazons #5 
  • Suicide Squad Volume 6 The Phoenix Gambit TPB
  • Super Sons #4 
  • Supergirl Volume 1 Reign Of The Cyborg Supermen TPB
  • Superman #23
  • Superman Wonder Woman Volume 5 Savage End TPB
  • Teen Titans #8
  • Trinity #9
  • Wild Storm #4
  • Wonder Woman By George Perez Omnibus Volume 2 HC

Fairly big week this week! As always, with a week this big, I know it gets hard to decide what to pick up so allow me to give you some recommendations:

  1. Batman #23: This issue sort of ties up the loose ends from the “I Am Bane” arc and looks really good. As I said a month or so ago, I really enjoyed the arc. I’d say it’s my favorite arc since this series had its Rebirth. 
  2. The Flash #22: If you can only get ONE book this week, make it this one! This is the conclusion to “The Button” and if I know DC like I think I do, it’s ending with a bang!
  3. Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 2: Yes it has a $99.99 price tag but if you want to get some last minute reading in before June 2nd, here is a great collection to refresh your memory on our favorite Princess!

Now get out and get to reading! And don’t forget to comment below and tells us what YOU are reading!