As promised, Lost In The DC Multiverse is proud to review Wonder Woman! So where do we begin? How about with what trailers were attached to the film?

  1. Dunkirk
  2. Justice League
  3. Thor: Ragnarok
  4. Valerian

Now onto the film. I could easily review it in one word: PERFECT. And it honestly was. I’ve been a fan of every movie in the DCEU so far. I could care less what critics have said and what kind of money a film has made and all of that. Every film has been great. But this one was better than great. 

Lots of times with movies, you can pick at things. The runtime, the ending, the swerve, etc. In my opinion, there was nothing you could pick at with this film. It really is that amazing. I’m not going to spoil it at all since it premieres tonight but you will not be disappointed. 

I know for decades, every one said Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman and on that Earth, she most certainly is. But on Earth-Prime or Earth-0, or Earth-DCEU, whatever you want to call it, Gal Gadot is THE Wonder Woman. She knocks this out of the park so good it just feels like she was born to play this role. 

I have never been much of a Wonder Woman fan but ever since Gal got the role, I became a bigger fan and bigger fan and now that I’ve seen this film, I’m a HUGE fan of Wonder Woman!

And to save you from wondering, there is NO end credits scene. Nor does there need to be. I’m not going to drag this on and get you bored so in closing, I highly recommend you go see this film NOW! It’s Friday. Go see it tonight. Go see it Saturday. Go see it Sunday. Preorder it on iTunes. Add it to your Amazon wishlist. I’m not even kidding. It is that good. The reviews are right. It is right up there beside The Dark Knight as the greatest DC movie of all time!