Lost In The DC Multiverse

Where reviews are written about the Super-Heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow!


I am an extremely huge fan of everything DC comics. The first comic I ever remember reading was one of the Batman issues that was a part of the Knightfall arc. The very first movie I ever saw in theaters was Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989. Growing up in the 90’s, comics, comic-related movies and comic-related TV shows were all I cared about. I stopped reading comics in the early 2000’s because my town didn’t have any comic shops but I continued watching the movies and TV shows. In 2010, after meeting my wife, we discovered our town once again had a place to buy comics and it was then I discovered the beginning of DC’s New 52. I was right back into the world I never should have left. It has always been my dream to be apart of DC Comics in some way, shape or form and this is further proof. It is my mission to get the people of DC to see this website. I’ve joked to everyone that if I worked for DC, I wouldn’t even care about a salary. Free swag would be good enough for me. So people of DC Comics, if you’re reading this, hire me!!